Scott Hollinger - Personal Trainer

he moved from Pennsylvania to Portland in July of 2014 and began work as a personal trainer at Energy Fitness in May of 2015. Scott’s educational background includes a B.S. degree in Environmental Biology and a M.F.T. degree in marital and family therapy. He earned his NASM personal trainer certification in February of 2015. Prior to his work as a trainer, Scott’s professional background includes 32 years as the owner of a technical publications firm, an LMFT (licensed marital and family therapist), and a college professor at York College of Pennsylvania. He still maintains a private therapy practice out of his home.

Scott’s fitness journey began when he bought his first weight bench and set of weights with the birth of his daughter. This sparked a life-long commitment to personal fitness and nutrition. Throughout his life, Scott has trained in many different modalities of fitness: including resistance, core, balance, and plyometric training, as well as yoga and Budokon. He has been heavily influenced high intensity styles of training which he practiced for several years and which he uses to in his practice today.

Scott’s educational background in psychology and relationships is especially helpful with his clients’ motivational and psychological relationship toward personal fitness.

Outside of the gym Scott has enjoyed hiking, camping, road biking, mountain biking, and long camping road trips with his wife of 37 years. He has two adult children who live in Brooklyn, NY and Key West, FL. He especially enjoys time with his children since the occasions for the whole family to be together are rare.

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