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Energy Training (noun/adj.) - Creating a community for work where fitness is a priority, challenges are expected and improving health and well being is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

Energy Fitness Personal Training

Energy Fitness Concepts - i.e. ENERGY - provides customized personal training, weight loss, and strength gain programs, health/nutrition counseling and meditation practices.

If you suffer from chronic pain, general stiffness, or lack of energy, we can help you!

You may have been really active at one point, but life got in the way somewhere, and your fitness or recreation activities slowed or even ground to a halt. If you want to improve your level of fitness and strength, but don't know where to start you should contact Energy Fitness. If you're motivated but you need guidance, you need someone to trust with years of experience and knowledge, look no further. Energy Fitness has you covered!

ENERGY Fitness Concepts was started by Gordon Bell in December 2007. After a successful career at a large "Big Box" gym, it was time to move on and create a gym that focused on the specific needs for all adults (working, stay-at-home, sedentary, athletic, or retired). Energy Fitness emphasizes functional and athletic training, but we also understand the need to focus on injury recovery and prevention. We take the time to identify what YOU - the client - needs because you are an individual and have particular needs for your health and fitness. We are all human, but we live different lives and have different constraints, thus you need a trainer who can work with you and help you train better and safer.

ENERGY personal training provides weight loss, strength training, and rehabilitation/injury prevention to those who are serious about their health and well-being. Energy places a premium on functional training with a creative balance of fun and challenging workouts.

Whatever your goal, we are confident ENERGY Fitness will get you there because that's what we specialize in...your fitness and your needs. We have the equipment, the experience and the expertise that “big box” and other cross-over gyms/studios lack when it comes to personal training and personal attention. Our expertise and experience allows us to train anyone from the beginner/out of shape client to the most experienced/athletic client.

ENERGY doesn't focus on selling memberships, we focus on you. If you want to improve your health and quality of life through individualized personal training... then come train at ENERGY. Don't wait any longer to change your life and change the way you feel. Contact us for your free introductory session. Your journey to a healthier life begins now!

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