"I went "shopping" for a fitness trainer in 2017, and spoke with a few of them before I met up with Scott at Energy Fitness. He was a standout in that he spent time talking with me, getting to know what I really wanted to achieve and developed a program for me which was both challenging and relevant to my goals. I've been training with him ever since, achieving my primary goals and seeing continuous improvement. The atmosphere in the Energy Fitness gym is energetic and friendly, with clients of all ages and fitness levels. The trainers there are truly interested in their clients improvement and well-being. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and engaged trainer in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, I highly recommend Scott at Energy Fitness or any of the other excellent trainers there!?

- Kevin S.

“Carly is one of my favorite people ever! She is a total body science nerd and always answers my weird question about why we are doing different exercises and how muscles work. Since starting with her three years ago I have gained all sorts of strength, flexibility, and functionality, and her creative virtual sessions during quarantine have kept me from losing all my gains while also keeping me moving despite never leaving my house. Carly is also fantastic at listening to my goals and helping me to reach them with a tailored approach rather than a 1-size-fits-all workout. Everyone should be so lucky as to train with Carly, just don't steal my regular time slots please!”

- Becky K.

“I've been working with Gordon at Energy Fitness twice a week for just over a year now, and the difference he has made to my strength, fitness, and balance is huge. My physical therapist recommended Energy Fitness after I had been in PT for eight months slowly recovering from a back injury, and I can't say enough good things about how Gordon understood my injury and what needed to be done, how to gently continue the rehab work and then build on it, and how to help me avoid future injury and get stronger. The gym itself is light and airy with plenty of space for the trainers and clients. They're doing a great job of social distancing, mask wearing, health and temperature checks, and sanitation in the time of COVID, plus Gordon and the other trainers are working successfully with clients via video calls. Love this place - great energy, challenging and interesting workouts, nice space and equipment, friendly people, and expert help.”

- S. P.

“I have been training at Energy for almost ten years and as I enter my mid 40’s it has been an amazing way to keep my strength, flexibility, and endurance up while remaining injury free and in great shape for the other activities (mountain biking, snowboarding) that I pursue.”

- Tim J M.D., 44

I've been an Energy Fitness client for more than three years and it has been an exceptional experience. Energy Fitness is the perfect but affordable alternative to big-box gyms that can be crowded and impersonal with here today-gone tomorrow trainers. At Energy Fitness you receive truly personal attention from your professional trainer (my trainer Jared is especially great) at a spacious and well-equipped fitness studio. Regardless of your age or prior fitness experience, your Energy Fitness trainer will work with you to craft a plan that keeps you motivated and shows results. It's the best fitness studio in NW Portland!

- David Robertson, 59 yrs young!

“I don't like big box gyms and love the personal, friendly atmosphere at Energy. The trainers are positive, good at what they do and make workouts fun. Highly recommended."

"I've struggled to stay on track with my health and fitness goals so have found a weekly session with my trainer at Energy to be a great way to stay motivated and get the strength training I wouldn't otherwise do on my own."

"I appreciate the personal care and attention from my trainer at Energy which goes beyond just helping me with exercise and strength training. I've been dealing with foot and leg pain and he has helped me with massage, stretching and specific exercises to help address those issues. He also provides nutrition advice and we discuss my overall health so I feel cared for in addition to motivated to stay on track."

- Amy Winkelman, 44

Gordon and his team have created an environment where everyone feels welcome....younger and older, men and women, gay and straight, in shape and not so in shape. This place has the friendliest vibe of any gym I've been to.

- Dana Tasson, PhD., 50

It is very hard not to love all of them and their families because they are so very caring and it is just amazing how strong you can become under their tutelage! They will adjust your training to fit your needs. I look forward to going there!

- Peggy Christensen, 72

“As you know I’ve been coming for several years now after the positive experiences of my wife. The workouts are always fun, well diversified, and at the end I’m tired but always glad for the workout. The trainers are all friendly particularly to the old timers like me. And the expansion of the gym from the previous setup has been very positive and allowed for much more space for those working out. Look forward to coming for many more years.”

- Barry Edwards, 71

“I love to feel strong! There is a moment that comes to a few sessions in when I realize I AM stronger because of what Gordon pushes me to do. It arrives in the middle of a set and I'll realize my form is better, the weight is heavier, and I'm feeling confident. I love that moment! Thank you, Gordon, for the creative, challenging workouts and Energy Fitness for a comfortable, inspiring space.”

- Darcy L. Rawls

"I started training with Gordon approximately a year ago (2010). In the beginning, I was hesitant to spend the money and thought perhaps I would train with him for a couple of months and then just keep it going on my own. A year later, the results I have had have been immeasurable, and I consider it the best money I spend. I would cut back on a lot of other areas before I would give up my training at Energy Fitness.

The immeasurable: My overall health. Much more energy, better balance, strength, posture, flexibility, and firmness are all much improved, as well as my general sense of well-being. I just feel better!

The measurable: Loss of 20 pounds, multiple inches (4 inches around my hips), my cholesterol and blood pressure are down, I can now wear clothes I have not been able to wear in several years.

Gordon is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, full of encouragement, and really makes use of the time I spend working with him. I work hard but always feel so good after my workout. I have worked out with a number of personal trainers over the years, and I would choose Gordon over any of them. He has made a huge difference in my life."

- Jana Troester

"Laura is a very knowledgeable and patient trainer. She challenges me. She is also good at individualizing a training program to match the client's needs. I'm pleased with my progress."

- Leslie de Looze, 58

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