“WHY train at Energy?”

You’re searching for a new gym, a new trainer, and a new commitment to your health.  …So WHY train at Energy Fitness, WHY trust us to your health?  WHY make such an investment and commitment to us? 

#1.  Reliability and Knowledge:  We’ve been an independent training studio for 10 years.  We collectively have some of the brightest and most talented trainers in Portland. We don’t embrace trends or fads for profit. We research and evaluate what type of training methods are quality and stand on their own. If it’s not the right fit then we don’t employ it.

#2.  We’re not pretentious, we’re fun! We keep our Ego in check…and in our industry that’s important.  We learn from each other, we listen to you and we embrace the opportunity to teach.  As soon as a trainer thinks they’re too good to learn from others, if we think we’re better than that “other” gym, if we judge others by their age or their ability… then we lose an opportunity to help. And that’s why we’re here in the first place… to help.

#3.  Kindness:  At Energy Fitness, we feel kindness is the best way to approach anyone.  Our trainers are friendly and kind when you walk in the door. A gym can be intimidating and we realize that it takes courage to step into one.  We treat you like a friend or family member, and you are treated that way every time you come workout.  You’re not just a face in the crowd, or a dollar sign $ or another number like you might feel at some gyms.  Energy Fitness prides itself on our kindness and sensitivity to your needs.

If you want to improve your level of fitness, endurance, and strength, but you don’t’ know where to start ….you should contact ENERGY Fitness.

If you’re motivated but you need guidance, you need someone to trust with years of experience and knowledge…contact ENERGY Fitness

If you suffer from chronic pain or have a limited range of motion …you should contact ENERGY Fitness.

If you’re looking for a community of healthy and realistic clients and trainers…then contact ENERGY Fitness. 

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