Gordon - Personal Trainer

the owner and lead trainer at Energy Fitness. He founded Energy Fitness 10 years ago after a successful career at a big box gym and before that working in the high tech sector. His vision was to help clients improve their health and fitness by creating an atmosphere dedicated to training and healing with a friendly open environment. Gordon’s training style and approach is metaphysical -  believing it is just as important to train your body physically as it is to train and focus the mind!  Fitness is a balance between the two aspects. You will not only feel more ENERGY, but feel happier and be more motivated and focused to deal with “life” outside the gym.   Release stress and get fit, it’s that simple.

In addition, Rehabilitation and “Pre habilitation” is a key component for his training style – training clients to prevent injury and falls as well as healing them from past injury from sport or trauma. He thrives on helping clients overcome their physical limitations in order to become more functional and happy. Gordon has participated in recreational and competitive sports his whole life and has battled back from many injuries .  He’s personally rehabilitated his own shoulder (rotator contusion), back (bulged discs) and knee (3 ACL tears) injuries successfully and helped many clients improve and strengthen their bodies through his training methods.

Credentials and certifications:
  • B.S. in Journalism and Political Science, University of Oregon 1997
  • NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine);
  • NCSF (National Council of Strength and Fitness);
  • IFPA (International Fitness Professional Association)
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