Rajiv Harry - Personal Trainer

Rajiv is our local boy. Born and raised in here in Portland and a 3-star sport graduate from Wilson High School 2003, his path has taken him all over and when he landed at Energy Fitness in 2015, we couldn't have been happier to have him. Rajiv's demeanor is laser focus and professional at all times, and he is perhaps the most disciplined trainer we have when it comes to nutrition.  His diet is absurdly clean and he's a model to his clients because of such dedication. If his physique and nutritional expertise doesn't convince you, then his smile is guaranteed to win you over.

Rajiv specializes in muscular strength and development, athletic/sport specific conditioning, body fat loss, nutritional counseling, and has a deep passion for helping others achieve the love he has for pure fitness.  When he's not training clients or modeling for Nike, he's preparing his own body to compete in any number of the regional "Men's Physique" contests, where he recently took 1st place in the 2016 Cascadia Cup.

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