COVID 19 Procedures and Precautions

* We no longer require masks to be worn at Energy Fitness *

MASK POLICY: As of March 12th, 2022 the Oregon Health Authority lifted the mask mandate for most indoor facilities. If you feel safer wearing a mask, then by all means we encourage you to do so, but be aware we will not enforce masks.

Code of Conduct: As always, if you feel ill, reschedule your appointment. If you’ve recently gotten over an illness, we may ask you to "mask up” so you can still come to your appointment. Now that we are all used to wearing masks, it's an easy choice to keep from spreading colds, the flu or corona to each other while in close contact.

We don’t like getting sick or getting you sick. We want to be here for your health, so if you’re starting to feel symptoms or still getting over a cold then stay home. We’ll do the same.

Thank You: It’s been a long 2 years, and I think we are all ready for this. But it goes without saying, that we all thank you so much for supporting us through this pandemic. I personally have experienced so much kindness and patience, and frustrations as well, but we couldn’t have made it through this without your help.

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