Rogue Energy!

This past weekend I spent 3 days rafting on the Rogue River, and it was awesome! I get away on a guys trip each year, and it's always outside in nature and "roughing" it so to speak. This year's expedition was part of my 40th birthday celebration. Good friends, big water and great ENERGY.

Rafting that many days on the river is physically a challenge and my training helped tremendously - especially all the core and the extensive shoulder re-hab training I put myself through the past 4 months. It's a good reminder that we can overcome injury and enjoy life. But...more importantly....

When we recreate, I believe we get so much more out of it when it not only involves something beautiful and remote (like the Rogue River Valley) but physically challenging as well. That physcial aspect adds more reward to the overall fun and reward. This is true in the gym and obviously outside. I had a couple of close calls with some big water...but with good strength we were able to get out of the situation.

So remember that, ...this is why we exercise, this is why we lift weights, this is why we challenge our bodies weekly.  Get in the gym and get out there and show ME, show us, where your Energy is devoted.

This is me and my buddy, Brad, goofing around before we push off on the 3rd day of our trip down the Rogue.

SHOW ME YOUR ENERGY! Email me a photo of you doing something active and I'll post it!

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