Jacob is one of our strongest trainers…literally, and his heart is as big as any other muscle in his body. His easy going, extraverted attitude keeps you entertained as he subtly gets your body moving more efficiently and all the while getting stronger! His methods are sometimes unconventional but proven to be effective, incorporating Olympic lifts, kettle bells and HIIT (high intensity training). He loves teaching clients to become a more well rounded version of the ideal “fitness” they aspire to be with a mind/body/soul connection to weight training.

An Oregon native, Jake graduated as a student athlete in 2009 from Corban University, where he excelled in basketball and volleyball. After running multiple athletic programs (pre/intra/post season) and 3 years as a physical therapy aide, Jake took his passion for athletics and rehabilitation and turned it into a full time career, becoming a personal trainer in 2013. We are thrilled to have him at Energy Fitness.

Credentials and certifications:

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