Beth Umphress - Personal Trainer

Beth began her career as a personal trainer in 2012 and thrives on helping clients with strength and conditioning, nutritional counseling, injury recovery and body fat loss. She holds credentials from the NESTA personal Training certification, NESTA Kettle Bell, NESTA Sport Nutrition, PTA Global. Beth’s philosophy is to help clients improve their overall muscular and core strength through guided movements using free weights, body weight and specialized modalities such as kettle bells, bands, and TRX. As a trainer and mother, Beth understands the constraints that the work/life balance issues can bring and the importance to one’s health as a result. As such she’s incredible at helping clients achieve a better balance to their physical and emotional approach toward a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her training credentials, Beth has a BFA in interior design from the Art Institute of Portland and when she’s not spending time with her daughter and training clients, she loves creating and designing interior spaces and has a keen eye for fashion and style.

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