Alisa Fairbanks - Personal Trainer

Alisa is a proponent of living, moving and eating well. As a trainer, she educates clients on all the components of an optimal lifestyle: sleep, movement, nutrition and stress-management. Additionally, she helps clients shift their perspective, focus on the positives and live better, overall. Alisa also strives to continuously be better in her own body, mind and life, and does so through continued education, self-studies, working with clients and practice. She is passionate about applying and sharing these great tools with others.

Alisa grew up as a dancer and became greatly interested in all things health and fitness during early college. After graduating from Michigan State University with a BA in Communication, she moved to Portland in pursuit of adventure and job satisfaction. Further education in a field that inspired her, led her to Portland Community College’s Fitness Technology Program. Since then, she has sought out numerous workshops, seminars, and certifications with many experts in the field. Alisa emphasizes strength training, functional exercise, conditioning, mobility and other restorative therapies.

  • DVRT Level 1 certified
  • Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 teacher
  • Animal Flow Level 1 coach
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 certified
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
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